Using Supplemental Oxygen: Can You Work With COPD?

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When many of us think about people who use supplemental oxygen, we immediately think of older or retired individuals. However, there are many patients on oxygen who work and need to have their oxygen concentrators with them while on the job. Most of these people have some form of COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which can result in difficulty breathing and a host of other symptoms. COPD can be triggered by work environments due to things like pollutants, allergens, temperature or humidity changes, and strenuous activity, and the disease typically progresses over time. So having accommodations at work to allow for oxygen therapy is crucial for many individuals.

Clean, quality air is important for those with COPD, and ensuring this can include using a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) as well as reducing chemicals in the air like fragrances and smoke. You may also require an air purifier or fan in your work area. It’s important to talk with your human resources department about ways to make your work environment as safe and healthy as possible so you can work with COPD.

The vast majority of working individuals with COPD who need supplemental oxygen opt for a portable oxygen concentrator, as these units are small, lightweight, and unobtrusive. POCs can be easily carried around the office or on the jobsite, with straps or bags for ergonomic comfort. POCs meet most people’s oxygen needs, featuring various pulse-flow settings, intuitive button controls, and perfectly compact sizes. Whether you’re an attorney, receptionist, baker, teacher, or something else, there’s an ideal portable oxygen concentrator out there for you!

Many workplaces prefer or even require these portable concentrators in the work environment to avoid the potential safety concerns of traditional oxygen tanks. This is especially true if you work around any hazardous materials or open flames. Make sure you talk with your HR representative about which types of oxygen units are allowed.

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