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If you live with COPD or another pulmonary disease, your doctor has likely prescribed oxygen therapy to help you feel your best. Oxygen concentrators are devices that allow you to get this fresh, life-giving oxygen without the need for bulky, heavy oxygen tanks. Because of their convenience and efficiency, portable oxygen concentrators are one of the most popular medical devices on the market today.

Whether you are shopping for your first concentrator, or you are looking for a newer, better model, you’re probably hoping to find the best deal available. You may be searching online for the cost of portable oxygen concentrators, or special discounts that you can take advantage of, and this is a great idea! There are many brands and many retailers to choose from, but only some can offer competitive pricing, warranties, and great customer service.

Many people take breathing for granted, but for those with COPD, each breath is precious. For many patients, oxygen therapy is prescribed between 12-15 hours every day, which can add up, depending on the types of oxygen devices you use. Casual use of oxygen bars or canned oxygen (both popular with tourists and travelers) would set you back over $1,000 per day, but thankfully, clinical patients tend to avoid these in favor of personal, medical-grade devices.

However, even traditional oxygen tank systems, like E-cylinders, can be costly too—between $5-7 per day of use! This is one of the reasons why so many oxygen therapy patients choose portable concentrator units. The cost of portable oxygen concentrators, especially over time, is much lower than other options, typically around $2 per day or less. And, when you choose an efficient, brand-name portable oxygen concentrator, you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck.

When you do the math, it’s obvious that portable oxygen concentrators are the best and most cost-effective ways to get your oxygen therapy every day. Want to learn more about the cost of portable oxygen concentrators or get help choosing the best unit for you? Reach out to us at Portable Oxygen Solutions today!

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