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How Do You Choose?

Having The Right Portable Oxygen Equipment Is Important.

Choosing a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) should not be difficult. This is an important purchase but is quite simple. However, there are a few important factors for you to consider.
First, you simply need to know and understand what your doctor is prescribing. We can help. Your physician will prescribe a setting or how much oxygen (Liters Per Minute “LPM”) is required and how the oxygen is to be delivered. There are only two oxygen delivery methods. Pulse Dose (on-demand when oxygen device senses a breath) and Continuous Flow (steady stream of Oxygen).

What Should Be On Your Oxygen Prescription?

Prescriptions are usually provided on your doctor’s prescription pad, office letterhead, or printed prescription form. All prescriptions must contain your doctor’s signature, your doctor’s contact information, the patient’s full name, and a description of the therapy prescribed (see example below).

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Prescriptions – Should note either the oxygen concentrator model name and/or whether Pulse Dose oxygen therapy or Continuous Flow oxygen is required. Some portable oxygen concentrators will only deliver oxygen in a Pulse Dose manner. A prescription for Continuous Flow oxygen would not be valid for the purchase of a Pulse Dose only concentrator.

Any questions regarding your prescription can be answered quickly and simply by your doctor. Please let us know if you would like some assistance.

2 common examples of how a prescription might read:

  • 2 LPM Pulse/Conserving
  • Or

  • 3 LPM Continuous Flow

From the information on your oxygen prescription, you have now simplified your search. We will help you select the most economical oxygen system to meet or exceed your medical needs and your lifestyle needs.

***If you require a Portable Oxygen Concentrator that will work with a CPAP or Bi-PAP, then our line of continuous flow oxygen concentrators will be best suited for your needs.

Another factor to consider is not just which Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the right fit today, but also which unit will be the right fit in the future. If your respiratory conditions will deteriorate over time, possibly requiring more supplemental oxygen, you will want to purchase a portable oxygen concentrator that can meet these future requirements as well. Please discuss this with your physician before purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator.

Once you have determined which Portable Oxygen Concentrator best fulfills your prescription, you can begin looking for a device that will help to improve your lifestyle. Chances are, there may be more than one choice of Portable Oxygen Concentrator that will work clinically, so we encourage you to further narrow your search by looking at the following features:

    • Battery- Search for battery duration that best meets your active lifestyle needs. Note: Extra Batteries can be purchased separately to extend time between charges.**Fact: All portable oxygen concentrators are powered and charged by both AC (wall outlet) and DC (car) adapters
    • Size- Search for the smallest device among those portable oxygen concentrators that meet your clinical need.
    • Weight- Search for the lightest device among those portable oxygen concentrators that meet your clinical need.
    • All of the portable oxygen concentrators we sell are FAA approved which means they can all go where you go!

We hope our website is informative but we understand that you may have questions and encourage you to please contact us toll-free @ 1-800-958-0192 or you may email us at We will help you every step of the way in choosing the best portable oxygen concentrator which fits your budget and is best meets your doctor’s order.

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