Tips For Enjoying The Summer With COPD

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f you have been diagnosed with COPD or another pulmonary disorder, you may be concerned about how you’ll stay active or be able to enjoy the outdoors this year. Being outside, especially in various weather conditions, can sometimes be stressful on the system, so it’s important to have some strategies on hand. You deserve to enjoy the great outdoors comfortably and take advantage of the healthy sunshine and fresh air!

If you want to make the most out of the beautiful spring and summer weather, here are a few tips for enjoying the summer with COPD:

  1. Find the right portable oxygen concentrator.

When you need supplemental oxygen but don’t want to sacrifice freedom and ease, a lightweight portable concentrator is essential. No more bulky oxygen tanks! With a full battery charge, you can enjoy several hours outside hiking, gardening, walking, or simply taking in the view.

  1. Check the air quality first.

People with COPD, asthma, and other respiratory conditions need to be extra cautious of air quality threats, as these can trigger symptoms. Thankfully, it’s easy to check your local air quality! Try to only go outside during times when pollen, smog, or other pollutants are at low levels.

  1. Moderate your temperature.

Being outside, especially in the summer months, can result in your body getting too hot. This stress can sometimes cause breathing difficulties, especially if you are also active. Try to prevent getting too hot or too cold. Dress in layers, bring water, and take breaks when needed.

  1. Bring a backup.

Some patients with COPD are given additional tools besides supplemental oxygen to help them breathe easier. These often include inhalers or nebulizers. If your doctor has prescribed one of these for you, make sure you bring it with you when going outside.

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