Summer Travel Tips For Those With COPD

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Summer Travel Tips For Those With COPD

The season of vacations and reunions is upon us, and thousands of people will be traveling in the next few months. If you have COPD or another pulmonary disorder, there’s no reason why you should stay home and let everyone else have the fun. With the right attitude and preparation, you can enjoy traveling and spending time with your loved ones this summer. Here are a few tips to keep in mind, as you get ready for your upcoming seasonal trips:

1. Get the right oxygen concentrator

When you’re equipped with a light, portable oxygen concentrator that you can count on, travel is so much easier. Look for one that is user-friendly and travel-ready with ergonomic straps, multiple flow settings, and a small unit. Also, don’t forget to pack extra oxygen tanks, so you can have the support you need, wherever you go.

2. Plan for some down time

Instead of packing your travel itinerary with nonstop activity, make sure you leave time every day for rest. Getting adequate downtime, where you can relax and recover, is essential for anyone with an illness like COPD.

3. Avoid the heat

Much of the country experiences high heat and humidity throughout the summer, so just be mindful of the climate and weather forecast for your destination. Pack cool, breathable clothing and a sun hat, and plan to be indoors during the hottest part of the day, if possible.

When you can anticipate your travel needs, you can enjoy your vacation even more. If you need help finding the right portable oxygen concentrator for your COPD, reach out to us today!