Staying Fit With COPD

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Staying Fit With COPD

When you’re living with a pulmonary disease like COPD, it’s all too easy to lose fitness and strength over time. When you feel limited by your symptoms, it can be hard to prioritize exercising or being active in general. However, being sedentary can reduce your quality of life, and even allow the disease to progress faster. So, it’s important to prioritize your exercise and movement, so you can feel as well as you possibly can, for many years into the future!

Working with your doctor or other healthcare provider, you can put together a plan for you to maintain or build your fitness level. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Make sure you have the right amount of oxygen

Don’t try to start a new exercise program before talking with an oxygen expert. Choose a lightweight, portable concentrator that allows you to move freely, and delivers enough oxygen to meet your needs.

2. Start slowly

Ease into your exercise and give yourself permission to pace yourself as slowly as you need to. Start with just a few minutes a day of light to moderate activity, and gradually work your way up, depending on your current condition.

3. Warm up and cool down

Take time to gently warm up your body, before doing more structured activities like walking, jogging, swimming, or riding a bike. Likewise, allow your body to cool down and stretch, before transitioning into rest again.

Need more tips on how to manage your COPD or choose the right oxygen concentrator for you? Reach out to us today!