Spring Allergies And COPD

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Spring Allergies And COPD

Springtime is a wonderful time of the year, with the flowers beginning to bloom, and the weather turning warmer. However, as the leaves unfurl and the grass turns green, seasonal allergies can crop up, potentially exacerbating COPD symptoms. COPD already comes with difficulty breathing, wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath, but when you add on allergy symptoms, it can get pretty miserable!

Allergies are typically not serious, but more of a nuisance. However, if you are already living with a pulmonary condition like COPD, it’s worth taking extra precautions during allergy season. Here are a few tips to help you manage:

1. Avoid allergens when possible

If you tend to have trouble breathing on windy spring days, try to avoid going outside during those times. You may also have to avoid parks and other nature areas during the height of the bloom. Pay attention to your local pollen alerts, and use your best judgement.

2. Filter your indoor air

When outdoor allergens are high, they tend to make their way inside too. Make sure you have a HEPA filtration system for your indoor air, and/or have portable air filters in the rooms you spend the most time in.

3. Use OTC medication

For those who suffer significantly during allergy season, it may be worth trying OTC allergy meds like Zyrtec, Benadryl, nasal steroids, or inhalers. Talk to your doctor about options that are safe for your COPD.

Want more tips on managing COPD symptoms in allergy season? Reach out to one of our friendly technicians today!