Safety Tips For Those On Oxygen

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Safety Tips For Those On Oxygen

Anyone suffering from chronic lung disease who is in need of oxygen therapy knows the benefit of having breathable air; you understand that oxygen is not just a gas, it’s a necessary support system that helps you overcome shortness of breath. Mobile oxygen concentration devices allow for mobility and independence to work outside your home, travel and be socially involved.

While the use of oxygen therapy eases your symptoms and makes daily life easier, it demands a few safety precautions. Portable Oxygen Solutions offers these safety tips for those living with a portable oxygen device

Fire and Combustion Related Safety Tips:

Because oxygen is extremely dangerous near flame and burning materials, do not smoke while on oxygen or allow others to smoke around you.

Petroleum-based skin products can combust in the presence of oxygen. Because of the hazard, choose to use water-based products instead.

The chemicals in aerosol products are also highly flammable. Mixed with the combustive properties of oxygen, having the two near each other is very dangerous. Avoid the use of aerosol based products.

Stay at least 8 to 10 feet from fire or sparks, including gas stoves, fireplaces or candles. Avoid using oxygen while shaving with electric razors. Remain at least 5 feet away from heating elements, gas stoves, or heated filaments when using oxygen and avoid wearing long sleeves or loose-fitting clothing while cooking.

Other Safety Tips For Oxygen Users:

If you are on oxygen therapy, let your utility company know. They will prioritize your home for power restoration in the case of an outage. It may also qualify you for a lower rate to make your concentrator’s operation more economical.

When your oxygen is not in use, remember to shut the valve, as keeping your oxygen running without breathing it will both waste the concentrated oxygen if you are using a supply from a tank, but may also present a fire hazard.

Be mindful of the placement of any cordage or tubing, as it may present a tripping hazard.

Be careful when carrying oxygen cylinders, as a damaged valve may uncontrollably release pressurized oxygen and turn it into a dangerous projectile.

Keep stored oxygen cylinders upright and secure on an approved cart or gas cylinder storage device.

Be sure to follow any instructions your oxygen supply company gives you regarding the safe use of your oxygen concentrator device. If you have any questions, contact your provider directly.

Properly used, oxygen therapy is a safe way for those with chronic lung disease to experience a more comfortable lifestyle. Portable oxygen Solutions is devoted to bringing alternative outlet for oxygen therapy users to get the oxygen therapy equipment they need. Call Portable Oxygen Solutions today to see how we can help get you the portable oxygen equipment you need to live the mobile and independent lifestyle you desire.