Rhythm P2 Concentrator: The Best Machine?

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Rhythm P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Offers Maximum Convenience
In the realm of modern oxygen therapy, the technology just keeps getting better. Portable oxygen concentrators like the Rhythm P2 are leading the way toward lighter, more efficient oxygen therapy for patients across the country. If you are someone who lives with COPD or another pulmonary condition, and your doctor has prescribed supplemental oxygen, we’re glad you’re here. Portable Oxygen Solutions is the best place to find the top brands of oxygen concentrators at great prices. We’re proud to carry the most trusted brands of portable oxygen machines and the newest models, like the new Rhythm P2!

The Rhythm P2 portable oxygen concentrator from industry leader Rhythm Healthcare is a highly compact unit that weighs only 4.37 pounds. This is lighter than many other portable oxygen concentrators on the market today, even the top-selling ones. It has a pulse-dose delivery system with five flow settings, providing reliable and efficient oxygen when you need it most. The majority of patients prefer the pulse-dose models, with intelligent breath detection, so not a drop of oxygen goes to waste! The Rhythm P2 comes with dose settings ranging from 1 to 5, delivering an oxygen concentration between 87% and 96%—a great therapeutic dose for those with COPD.

If you want to keep up with your active lifestyle and need a portable oxygen concentrator that won’t weigh you down, the Rhythm P2 is a fantastic choice! This unit is easy to carry and store, thanks to its small size (the dimensions are 3.3” W x 8.7” D x 6.3” H). It comes with a convenient carrying strap and can also be carried in a purse, tote bag, or backpack. The battery life of the Rhythm P2 is unrivaled in its class, giving you up to five hours of continuous use on one charge.

You deserve reliable oxygen in the most convenient package, and the Rhythm P2 portable oxygen concentrator couldn’t be easier to use. The large 2.8” display screen is simple to see and operate. The battery charges in less than four hours, or you can purchase an external battery charger for even greater freedom! The external charger allows you to conveniently charge a backup battery while the device is in use.

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