Portable Oxygen Concentrator Safety: Tips & Precautions

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Safety Tips for Using Your Portable Oxygen Concentrator

You rely on your portable oxygen concentrator to give you the oxygen you need to feel your best. Whether you take your unit on the road with you or mostly use it at home, you want it to keep working well and last a long time. And while portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) are considered much safer than using oxygen tanks, there are still a few tips and precautions you should keep in mind for optimal portable oxygen concentrator safety.

Here are a handful of Portable Oxygen Concentrator Safety Tips and Precautions:

  1. Keep it away from flames.

Fire and oxygen can be a particularly dangerous combination, so always keep your oxygen unit far away from open flames like candles, gas stovetops, and bonfires. And of course, don’t smoke while using your unit and stay away from those who are smoking! Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between your unit and its accessories and sources of fire.

  1. Keep it away from water.

For your safety and to preserve the life of the concentrator, it’s important to keep it dry. Always cover your POC when out in any kind of precipitation, and keep it away from pools, bathtubs, and bodies of water. If you need to use your unit while you bathe or shower, make sure you turn on the exhaust fan in your bathroom and use extended tubing, so it can be as far from the water as possible.

  1. Keep it away from aerosols and airborne hazards.

To ensure your unit stays clean and operating smoothly, don’t use any aerosol products near your portable oxygen concentrator. This includes hairsprays, air fresheners, and many body products. Don’t spray chemicals into the air around your unit, as this can enter the filters and potentially cause damage.

  1. Store and carry it properly.

Protect your portable oxygen concentrator from drops, scrapes, cracks, and other damage, as well as protect other people, by always carrying and storing your unit correctly. With the right carrying case or bag, you can rest well knowing your unit is protected and the filters aren’t blocked. And while traveling, stow it securely to prevent injuring yourself or others.

Want more safety tips for your portable oxygen concentrator? Reach out to us today at Portable Oxygen Solutions. We’re here to help!