Portable Oxygen Concentrator: A Lightweight Solution For An Endless Supply Of Oxygen

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Portable Oxygen Concentrator: A Lightweight Solution For An Endless Supply Of Oxygen

When you are dependent on your oxygen therapy, it can be a bit nerve racking to run out of oxygen. Many of our customers tell us that running out of oxygen is their number one fear. Having a low supply of oxygen is never a good thing and having to depend on someone else for that oxygen is an inconvenience. If you are dependent on equipment companies to deliver oxygen tanks, then you know how frustrating it can be to try to schedule your daily lives while trying to ensure you have enough oxygen. Typically, when your cylinders get low on oxygen you begin trying to use them sparingly when you go places or you decide to remain home altogether, tethering yourself to your home oxygen concentrator. When getting low on portable oxygen tanks, you start calling your equipment company to schedule another delivery of oxygen tanks just so you can plan your day.

With the right Portable Oxygen Solution, you will no longer worry about running out of oxygen. Our line of portable oxygen concentrators offer an unlimited supply of oxygen, right at your fingertips. These lightweight portable oxygen machines afford you options for an endless supply of oxygen that you can take anywhere you go, including the theater, family reunions or even your favorite vacation spot.

There are essentially two types of portable oxygen concentrators:

Continuous Flow portable oxygen concentrators
Pulse Flow portable oxygen concentrators.
Portable Oxygen Concentrators such as the SeQual Eclipse 5, SeQual Equinox, Respironics SimplyGo, and the Invacare SOLO2 provide a continuous flow of supplemental oxygen anywhere you go. Now, users requiring higher flows of oxygen therapy can go anywhere they want, whenever they want.

Portable oxygen concentrators such as the Lifechoice Activox Pro, Lifechoice Activox Sport, Airsep Focus, Airsep Freestyle, Airsep Freestyle 5, and the Invacare XPO2, are lightweight, reliable concentrators and can provide the oxygen you need in a simple, convenient package.

All of the portable oxygen concentrators we carry can be powered by plugging into any AC outlet, DC vehicle outlet and are able to run off a rechargeable battery. These lightweight and very versatile oxygen concentrators allow you to go anywhere and not worry about about running out of oxygen.