Oxygen Therapy FAQs – Doctor’s Answers

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Oxygen Therapy FAQs – Doctor’s Answers

As the body continues the journey to and through the golden years many folks begin experiencing increased difficulties in their breathing. The culprit can include a number of things like weak lung capacity, asthma, obesity, chronic lung disease, pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, and anxiety. Don’t let these concepts scare you, the most important thing to do is identify you have difficulty breathing and proceed with a visit to your doctor.

Is oxygen therapy addictive? This therapy is not addictive. Every human needs a constant supply of oxygen running through their bloodstream. Portable oxygen equipment acts as a supplemental Osupply for the body’s organs and tissues.

How long should I use supplemental oxygen each day? Your doctor’s prescription will specify a recommended time table depending on your bio metrics. Numerous studies show 16 hours per day is the most effective duration. The best times to ramp up oxygen levels are during sleep, before and after physical activities, and during/after meals.

Are there side effects in using oxygen concentrators? If the portable unit delivers high pulse dose volumes of 4 liters per minute or more or if the device is a continuous flow model, then you may experience a certain amount of dryness and light sinus irritation inside the nose. Attaching a small humidifier to your continuous flow concentrator will help treat this. Other side effects include increased sleepiness, confusion or headaches. If these symptoms remain consult with your doctor to adjust the oxygen levels on the unit.

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