How To Manage Your COPD During Holiday Travel

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As the holidays approach, many people are making travel plans to visit family and friends during this time of year. If you are going to be traveling, whether that’s by plane, car, or boat, it’s important to be prepared so you can keep your COPD in check. In order to make your holiday travels as hassle-free and healthy as possible, follow these tips!

  1. Get a lightweight portable oxygen concentrator

No matter where you go, you’re going to need your oxygen, so look for a portable concentrator model that is lightweight and comfortable to carry with you. Also check out models that have convertible straps or belts, and are easily rechargeable.

  1. Keep your inhaler and medications with you at all times

If you are packing up a suitcase, make sure you don’t stash away your emergency inhaler or your important medications where you won’t be able to reach them easily. Pack these items in a purse or handbag that never leaves your side!

  1. Plan your oxygen needs in advance

Depending on the severity of your COPD symptoms, you may use very little or quite a lot of oxygen, and it’s crucial to always having plenty of it with you. Make arrangements with your preferred oxygen provider at your destination, or order extra stock ahead of time.

  1. Have your emergency contact list handy

Whenever you travel, be sure to keep a list of your healthcare providers and their contact information with you. Also, tell your family or friends that you’re staying with who to call if you need assistance.

If you need guidance on how to prepare for the holidays, and keep your COPD in check, reach out to us at Portable Oxygen Solutions – we’re here to help!