How Does An Oxygen Concentrator Help You Recover From COVID-19?

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Although the spread of COVID-19 has slowed recently, there is still a tremendous need for supportive recovery therapies. To prevent this virus from taking hold, it’s always a great idea to eat fresh, healthy foods, exercise often, get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and do your best to reduce stress. And in the cases of respiratory illness, like COVID-19, additional oxygen therapy has proven to be a valuable tool to help patients recover. Oxygen therapy, typically administered through portable oxygen concentrators, has been used during the course of the COVID-19 illness, as well as in the weeks following, for better health outcomes.

How does a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) help with COVID-19 recovery? Simply put, the highly concentrated oxygen delivery improves blood oxygenation and makes breathing easier. A POC is specially designed to separate the nitrogen and oxygen in the ambient air, removing the nitrogen for a nearly pure oxygen supply to the patient. These medical devices are staples in hospitals across the world, and have been instrumental in saving lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patients with COPD or other pulmonary disorders use portable oxygen concentrators to aid with recovery on a regular basis, to help them improve their quality of life. In the case of COVID-19, where breathing becomes difficult, the additional passive oxygen delivery can make a huge difference in the patient’s comfort, duration of the illness, and chances of survival. POCs are lightweight, easy to operate, and don’t require changing out of bulky oxygen tanks, making them a great choice for anyone recovering from COVID-19.

After a patient begins to show symptoms of the COVID-19 respiratory infection, which typically happens 7-10 days after exposure, oxygen therapy may be recommended.

There are many advantages of using portable oxygen concentrators in COVID-19 recovery:

Devices are small, lightweight, and easily portable
POCs are cost-effective for oxygen therapy
They can be used in the safety and comfort of home, and don’t require doctor supervision
POCs are efficient and require very little maintenance
Portable oxygen concentrators are useful devices in the fight against COVID-19 and in the improvement of patient outcomes following the viral infection.

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