COPD And Pets

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When you’re diagnosed with COPD, pets can be a huge comfort during times of distress and personal anguish. While having a furry companion aids with the emotional healing process, all that fur could also wreak havoc on your lungs. The dander in pet fur can be a major irritant for the lungs and exacerbate your COPD symptoms. So how do you find a balance between getting emotional support from pets and maintaining the ability to breathe? Try a few of these tips to see if they help!

Groom frequently

By taking Kitty or Fido to the groomer on a regular basis, you can cut down on heavy dander production and keep the air clear in your home. When you suffer from COPD and live with pets, it’s very important to keep air pollutants at a minimum. A regular visit to the pet salon will make shedding and skin flaking more manageable.

Hire a Regular Cleaning Service

Work with a local cleaning service to vacuum carpets and clean air vents, which prevents pet fur from getting tucked away in small crevices. While your space may seem neat, people with COPD and pets require clean, breathable air and that’s only achieved with deep cleaning. Be sure to schedule cleaning services on a day that you aren’t home, because dusting can stir up pollutants.

Ask Your Doctor

There’s no easy answer for pet owners who suffer from COPD. Sometimes, if all other methods fail, you may have to choose your own health over living with a pet. Have a conversation with your doctor if pet ownership continues to exacerbate your COPD symptoms.

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