Carrying Portable Oxygen Concentrators

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Carry Your Portable Oxygen Concentrator Without Hurting Your Back Or Shoulders
If you are one of the millions of Americans on supplemental oxygen, you may be looking for ways to make this as convenient as possible. One of the greatest advantages of a portable concentrator is how small and lightweight it is, particularly compared with oxygen tanks. Many of these units weigh only a few pounds, and are designed to be taken with you when you’re around town or when traveling.

However, some carrying options can be hard on your shoulders or back, especially if you have chronic pain or are recovering from surgery. Here are a few options to carry your portable oxygen concentrator tank with you in a comfortable and ergonomic way!

  1. Cross-body bag

There are lots of great bags that will fit a small oxygen unit, including the popular cross-body bags. These offer easy accessibility, much like a purse, but the cross strap can distribute the weight in a way that’s more comfortable for the shoulders and back. Many people enjoy these for running errands or visiting friends and family.

  1. Backpack

Sometimes you want to be hands-free and totally unencumbered, and that’s where a backpack can come in handy. There are many backpacks that are designed to carry a portable oxygen concentrator, but you can use any that fit and are adequately padded. Packs are a good choice for an active lifestyle, or for long travel days.

  1. Rolling case

Oxygen concentrators of all sizes can be suited to fit a rolling case, kind of like a suitcase you’d take to the airport. This takes the burden off your body altogether, and can make it easier to go around town.

  1. Hip bag

This is a must-have accessory to carry your portable oxygen machine! Hip bags are worn around the waist for convenient, hands-free carrying.

You can also make yourself even more comfortable or customize your fit with things like strap pads, ergonomic handles, and plush liners.

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