Travel Is Easy With The X-PLO2R Portable Oxygen Concentrator!

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You can live a full life, even with a condition like COPD, when you have the right portable oxygen concentrator. If your doctor has prescribed oxygen therapy, you may be wondering how to incorporate this into your lifestyle. This is especially true if you want to stay active or you love to travel. It can seem daunting, traveling with supplemental oxygen, but thanks to the revolutionary, new X-PLO2R™ oxygen portable machine from Belluscura, it’s easier than ever before!

The X-PLO2R portable O2 concentrator is the world’s first modular concentrator, featuring a unique battery unit for ultimate convenience. Most oxygen concentrators on the market today require the battery to be charged while it’s still in the unit. This means that you can’t move around while charging up, which can be a hassle during travel. But the X-PLO2R oxygen portable machine features a battery that can be charged separately from the unit, giving you absolute freedom to move around. You have the option to purchase additional spare batteries, so you can always have one in use. And the X-PLO2R is FAA and FDA cleared, so it is safe and easy to travel with, even on an airplane.

When you’re traveling, whether you’re on a plane, taking a nice cruise, or on a long road trip, you need a reliable supply of oxygen. Don’t get stuck with the headache of having to be near an outlet in order to charge your oxygen concentrator battery! You don’t want to miss out on the activities you’ve planned or spending time with your loved ones because you’re waiting for your concentrator battery to charge. With the X-PLO2R oxygen portable machine, you can leave the house or hotel while your battery charges and always have one ready to go. You will be free to explore the world with your powerful, lightweight oxygen concentrator by your side. The X-PLO2R was designed to help you live your life in motion!

Are you ready to make some travel plans this year? Would you enjoy the freedom and independence to charge your concentrator battery separately from the unit? Then the new X-PLO2R portable O2 concentrator unit may be a great choice for you. Reach out to us today at Portable Oxygen Solutions, and let us help you find the best portable oxygen concentrator for your needs!

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