Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator System

Only 4.7 pounds! Our Inogen One G5 is a lightweight portable oxygen concentrator system that provides 1-6 pulse settings. The G5 is recommended for 24/7 use, including sleep, making it a preferred system for travel. The Single Battery will last up to 5 hours. INOGEN AUTHORIZED DEALER….


Say Hello to the latest generation Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator: Our NEW Inogen One G5 portable oxygen system can deliver oxygen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in an unbelievably small device! Offering 1 – 6 pulse flow oxygen settings, the Inogen One G5 is an extremely powerful, lightweight and very quiet portable oxygen generator. Designed with the active oxygen therapy user in mind, our G5 portable oxygen system weighs less than 5 pounds with a powerful rechargeable battery. We offer various battery and accessory bundles, too, so you can customize a G5 package that is just right for you.

Inogen One G5 Features:

  • 6 Pulse flow Oxygen Settings
  • Perfect for use around the house or on-the-go!
  • Same oxygen purity as large concentrators
  • Inogen Connect Bluetooth App, monitors battery life, column status and so much more
  • No tanks to refill or replace
  • Most oxygen per pound of any concentrator available on the market today
  • Ultra-small, discrete, quiet and lightweight
  • Longest battery run time on a single charge! Up to 13 hours of battery freedom!
  • Meets FAA guidelines for all airline travel!

Inogen One G5
MSRP: $2882

System Includes:

  • SINGLE Battery
  • NEW  G5 Concentrator
  • Inogen Full Manufacturer Warranty *Call for Details*
  • AC/DC power supplies
  • Carry bag, user manual
  • Meets FAA requirements
  • Intelligent Delivery Technology®
  • Bluetooth System
  • Inogen Connect App
  • Lifetime Support
  • Fed Ex FREE Shipping

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The G5 by Inogen is setting the bar in both size and battery run time that have never been seen before at this high flow oxygen dose setting (1-6). The Inogen One G5 is a lightweight portable oxygen concentrator system that offers user-replaceable batteries and sieve beds making it easier to service the device when the time comes. The G5 device has an easy to read LCD display with simple push controls. And it can be charged at home or on the go—giving you the freedom and independence to go where you want, when you want, and at a moment’s notice!

  • Clinically proven, 24/7 recommended oxygen use
  • Only 4.7 lbs.* with up to 13 hours of battery life**
  • NO carts to pull.
  • NO Tanks to carry or refill

* Single battery ** Double battery


  1. No More Oxygen Tanks to Refill
  2. No More Troubles with Traveling
  3. No More Feeling Confined At Home



Hoping to find something smaller and lighter weight? Check out our Inogen One G4 weighing just 2.8 pounds!

Inogen One G5 Specifications:


Weight: 4.7 lbs

Dimensions: 7.19 × 3.26 × 8.15 in (Height includes single battery)

Oxygen Flow: Six flow settings from 1-6

Power Settings:

  • AC Power Supply: 100-240V, 50-60Hz; (auto sensing to allow worldwide use)
  • DC Power Supply: for mobile use in car/airplane

Battery Duration:

  • (single battery): up to 6.5 hours
  • (double battery): up to 13 hours

Noise Level: 38 dBA*

Standard Warranty:

  • Concentrator: Full Inogen Manufacturer 3 Year Warranty
  • Concentrator Sieve Beds (columns) and Accessories: 1 year
  • Lifetime Warranty Available (Call for Custom Quote)

*On Setting 2