Portable Oxygen In The Workplace: 3 Easy Ways To Manage Your COPD

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Portable Oxygen In The Workplace: 3 Easy Ways To Manage Your COPD

There are many people who have not yet retired, who are living with pulmonary diseases like COPD. Holding down a job with this kind of illness can be a challenge at times, and when your symptoms are especially bad, it may be hard to motivate yourself to work. But take it as a good sign if you are able to work, even part-time, with COPD! If you want to keep being able to earn an income, and keep your illness in check, here are a few tips to manage your COPD and incorporate portable oxygen in the workplace that may help:

1. Ask for accommodations

Many employers are more than happy to make reasonable accommodations for you, so you can continue to work, even with COPD symptoms. Consider talking to your supervisor about things like: accessible parking, more frequent work breaks, a smoke-free area, or other small ways to make things easier to find ways to manage your COPD.

2. Have oxygen on hand

If you rely on supplemental oxygen, like many people do, it’s important that you keep your portable concentrator with you at all times, along with extra oxygen if possible. By having your portable oxygen concentrator in the workplace, it is a simple way that you can stay feeling your best. Look for a concentrator that is small, lightweight, and quiet; these will be the most effective ways to manage your COPD in the workplace.

3. Connect with your motivation

It can be hard to get up for work when you have COPD, but it can be nice to remind yourself of all the reasons why you like your job, or how it brings value to your life. Perhaps you enjoy the feeling of independence, social support, or mental stimulation.

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