New Year’s Resolutions For Those With COPD

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New Year’s Resolutions For Those With COPD

Another year has come to a close, and many people are looking ahead at ways they want to take better care of themselves. If you want to make this coming year a great one for your health, it can be a nice idea to set some resolutions. Especially if you are living with a chronic illness like COPD, putting your well-being first can take some practice and dedication.

Here are a few ideas for healthy New Year’s resolutions to better manage your COPD:

1. Drink more water

Good hydration is key for overall health, but especially to thin mucus in the lungs and airways. Keep a bottle/glass of cool, clean, filtered water with you at all times.

2. Address sleep issues

Many people struggle with sleep, and this can make COPD symptoms worse. If you have a hard time sleeping, resolve to talk to your doctor about it this year, and find a way to get your zzz’s.

3. Increase your activity

There are many ways to stay active, even for those who aren’t able to do more strenuous things like bike riding. Consider trying fun, low-impact activities like yoga, tai chi, swimming, or gardening this year.

4. Watch air quality

The air in your environment can make a big impact on your COPD, so make a resolution to clean up your indoor air, as well as keep a better eye on the outdoor air quality.

5. Find support

You don’t have to handle the challenges of COPD all on your own. Reach out to a local support group, open up to a friend, or join a community of like-minded people.

Want more ideas on how to manage your COPD? Reach out to us today!