Making Your Portable Oxygen Concentrator Work For Your Body

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Millions of people rely on supplemental oxygen every day to reduce symptoms of COPD and other respiratory conditions. However, not every person, every case, or every body is the same. It’s a great idea to customize your oxygen therapy to suit your unique needs. If you have a portable oxygen concentrator or are in the market for one, there are lots of ways to make it work for you.

One of the biggest advantages of portable oxygen concentrators, over options like bulky oxygen tanks or stationary units, is how small and lightweight they are. Their portability makes it easy to take them with you, and many concentrators weigh less than 4 pounds, reducing the strain on your body. But you can customize them even further based on your body type, your strength level, and more. Here are some ideas to make your portable oxygen concentrator even more comfortable:

  1. Find the right carrying case.

If you take your unit out and about with you, you’ll need some kind of carrying case, bag, backpack, fanny pack, or strap. If you have shoulder problems, or back pain, some options would be better for you than others. Even a lightweight unit can cause strain over time if not placed properly, so take time to find a comfortable carrying option.

  1. Customize your cannula and tubing.

Many people find that traditional nasal cannulas are uncomfortable, and some of the stiff tubing can be painful as well. Thankfully, there are many options out there for softer tubing and uniquely cut cannulas that may make your oxygen therapy easier.

  1. Pick one with easy operations.

While most portable oxygen concentrators are easy to use, some feature larger screen displays, more responsive buttons, or enhanced accessibility options. If you struggle with poor eyesight, arthritis in your hands, or other disabilities, you may want to get a model that is more simple and streamlined!

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