How To Stay Social With COPD

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Health challenges of all kinds can be hard on your social life, but there’s no need to tell your friends goodbye when you get a COPD diagnosis. There are many great options to maintaining your active social life, while protecting your health now and into the future. If you are worried about managing your activities and keeping in touch with friends, now that you have COPD, here are a few tips!

  1. Get the right portable oxygen concentrator

It’s important to have the oxygen you need, wherever you are, so be sure to purchase a portable unit that is easy for you to wear or carry with you. When you have a source of oxygen that is comfortable and simple to use, you’re much more likely to say “yes” to all those social invitations!

  1. Find a support group

Having a loving family and circle of friends is great, but it’s even better when you can connect with people who understand what it’s like living with COPD and/or other serious illness. Look for support groups or organizations near you, and show up to their meetings and events. You’re likely to feel right at home.

  1. Take up a COPD-friendly hobby

Living with COPD doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying life, but you may need to adjust your activities a bit. Consider trying a new hobby or learning a new skill that is less strenuous, and has the potential to be a social activity. Things like gardening, knitting, and scrapbooking are great ideas.

Being social is important for your mental and emotional health, so find ways to stay in touch with friends and try new experiences, and don’t let your COPD hold you back!