How to Shop for a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Online

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For those newly diagnosed with COPD or another pulmonary disorder, or for those whose disease has progressed to the point of needing oxygen therapy, it can be daunting knowing where to start shopping for portable oxygen units. There are dozens of online stores, sales representatives, and medical supply companies to wade through. How can you make sure you’re getting a good deal and that you’re buying the right model for your needs?

Here are some tips on how to shop online for your portable oxygen concentrator!

1. Have your prescription handy.

Depending on your unique medical history and your pulmonary symptoms, you’ll need a specific dose of oxygen. Make sure you know your doctor’s recommendation for how many liters you need and how often. Some people use supplemental oxygen at night, while others need it continuously during the day or only during physical activity.

2. Be honest about your lifestyle.

Ask yourself how active you are on a daily basis. Are you currently working or volunteering? Do you travel often? Do you need a portable oxygen concentrator that you can put in a backpack, tote bag, or purse? When you’re shopping, look for a concentrator that is lightweight and convenient to take with you. And if you need continuous oxygen during sleep, consider a home unit.

3. Shop for deals!

Don’t buy the first portable oxygen concentrator you find online. Take time to do your research and shop around for the best deals. Places like Portable Oxygen Solutions offer great pricing options including sales and military discounts. Call around and compare before you make your purchase.

4. Know what to expect.

With the most recent technology, using a portable oxygen concentrator is pretty simple, but it doesn’t hurt to read up on how to operate your unit, what types of accessories you’ll need, and how to best maintain it. Learn how to charge and change the batteries and consider ordering extra batteries to have on hand. 
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