How To Find The Best Deals For Oxygen Concentrators Online

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If you’ve been diagnosed with COPD or another condition that requires supplemental oxygen, you may be searching for how to buy a portable oxygen concentrator online. Going with a portable unit as opposed to bulky oxygen tanks is a great choice and can allow you more freedom and flexibility. There are small, lightweight oxygen units that you can take with you anywhere, a popular choice among supplemental oxygen users.

Rhythm P2

These days, there are thousands of oxygen concentrators for sale online, from trusted brands like Inogen ONE, Philips Respironics, Caire, Belluscura, Rhythm Healthcare, and others. It’s easy to shop from the comfort of your couch and find the perfect model for your needs. If you’re currently shopping around for portable oxygen concentrators, you want to get the best deal possible. After all, supplemental oxygen is essential for quality of life and for you to feel your best. But that doesn’t mean you can’t save money on the highest quality portable oxygen concentrators available!

Belluscura X-PLO2R

Many patients wonder how they can pay for a portable oxygen concentrator (POC), and there are several options available. Unfortunately, in most cases, Medicare will not cover the cost of a POC, and most other private insurance providers have many restrictions in place on how much oxygen you can get, how you can use it, and the requirements you must meet to qualify. It still may be worth a discussion with your insurance provider, but it’s also smart to have other options.

Given the insurance restrictions, most people end up buying directly from online portable oxygen suppliers like Portable Oxygen Solutions and either purchasing their unit outright or getting financing. Portable Oxygen Solutions does not work with insurance companies, so we have fewer financial restrictions and can freely offer lower prices and great financing options for our customers. We provide competitive pricing, regular sales, and a special military and veterans program. Thanks to our amazing industry connections and resources, we offer some of the lowest prices on oxygen concentrators on the market!

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