Fall Foods That Won’t Aggravate Your COPD

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Autumn has finally arrived, and the fall festivities are already under way. This time of year can be wonderful, especially for people with COPD, as the weather cools and some favorite foods begin to make their appearance. It’s always great to eat with the seasons, as long as you remember not to overindulge on things that can make your breathing more difficult, like extremely sweet treats or things high in saturated fat.

However, just because you have COPD, it doesn’t mean that you have to pass on some of fall’s most delicious foods. Here are few that you can enjoy safely in moderation!

  1. Apple cider

Fresh spiced apple cider that doesn’t have any added sugar is a nice fall drink, and is generally well-digested. Plus, spices like cinnamon and clove actually help to open your airways and improve blood circulation.

  1. Sweet potatoes

Chock full of vitamins, minerals, and good fiber, sweet potatoes are a great way to get healthy carbohydrates. They can help support stable blood sugar, and make you feel satisfied and better able to resist the temptation of other unhealthy fall foods.

  1. Pumpkin

Natural and unprocessed pumpkin can be a great base for a variety of fall recipes, and will give you an extra boost of vitamins too. Just be sure to snack on homemade and reduced sugar versions of your favorite pumpkin treats.

Autumn is a lovely time of year, so don’t let your COPD hold you back from enjoying the festive flavors!

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