Choosing Your Portable Oxygen Solution

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Choosing Your Portable Oxygen Solution

If you are accustomed to an active lifestyle and wish to continue to keep up with family, friends, and travel, choosing the appropriate portable oxygen solution is important.  There are several factors to consider when choosing a portable oxygen concentrator: 

1) Do you require a continuous flow of oxygen or will pulse flow be sufficient for your needs? 

2) Do you need a portable oxygen concentrator for airline travel, meaning it is FAA approved, has sufficient battery life, and is a compact design? 

3) Finally, does the one that fits your needs also have a good warranty to cover you if anything goes wrong with the unit?  

When making your choice you should consider how the oxygen will be delivered to you and how much flow of oxygen you will receive.  In pulse mode the air is delivered in puffs as opposed to a continuous stream. Some oxygen therapy patients require a continuous flow of oxygen through their unit, so it is important to find that out before you buy. If you are a frequent airplane traveler you will have to consider the battery life of the unit you choose due to unforeseen delays that happen quite frequently with air travel.  Most airlines require you to have battery life for 1.5 times the duration of the flight plus an extra battery.

It is also important to consider all of the features, benefits, and warranty coverage of each model before you make a choice.  Buying a new unit can mean a significant savings for you due to the fact that most used units do not carry a full warranty.  Take careful consideration of what your oxygen needs are and always cover your bases by ensuring you are covered with full manufacturer warranty plan.

One model that is one of our top sellers is the Lifechoice ActivOx Pro portable oxygen concentrator.  It is one of the smallest FAA approved portable oxygen machines on the market.  The New Pro Model weighs only 4.3 pounds and boasts the longest lasting internal battery available among portable oxygen concentrators.  The Activox Pro oxygen concentrator utilizes Pulse Wave delivery which is triggered on demand by the user during inhalation.  Pulse Wave delivers oxygen in a manner which is consistent with your normal inhalation rate.  The Activox portable concentrator also comes with an industry standard 3 year warranty from Inova Labs.  

If you have any questions about the features of our line of portable oxygen concentrator models and wish to discuss your options with one of our friendly and helpful Portable Oxygen Concentrator Experts, please call 1-800-958-0192. We hope to hear from you soon!