5 Ways to Protect Your Airway in the Autumn

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Fall is a beautiful season, with the colorful leaves and cooler temperatures, but it can also be a time of increased respiratory symptoms. People with respiratory conditions like COPD, asthma, and severe allergies sometimes find that this seasonal change can come with additional difficulty with breathing. As the leaves change and dry out, it results in more irritants in the air. Additionally, cooler weather and wind can add to breathing challenges.

If you have any kind of respiratory or pulmonary condition, it’s even more important to protect your airways during the autumn months. Here are some tips to help you do just that!

Cover your mouth

Inhaling cold, dry air is a major symptom trigger, and covering your mouth can help warm and moisten the air first. Whether with a face mask, a scarf, or something else, try to keep your mouth and nose covered when you’re outside in the cold or wind.

Drink warm fluids.

Autumn is the season to switch from cold drinks to warm ones. Try sipping on a mug of warm tea or warm water with lemon and honey. Stay hydrated, and remember that coffee and alcohol can increase dehydration.

Always have your portable oxygen concentrator on hand.

You may find that your oxygen needs increase slightly during the fall months, and that your symptoms may become more challenging to control. Make sure you always have your portable oxygen concentrator with you to support your overall well-being.

Use a humidifier.

Keeping your airways warm and moist is key to reducing your COPD symptoms. One way you can achieve this is with humidifiers. You can install one for your whole home or keep one in each room. They even make portable ones for your car!

Practice relaxation.

In the face of cold winds, many people tense their bodies, and this can make breathing more difficult. Practice dropping your shoulders, releasing your jaw, taking slow, deep breaths, and loosening the tension in your muscles. Practicing relaxation techniques is good stress relief, no matter the weather!

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