4 Ways to Manage the Stress of COPD

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4 Ways to Manage the Stress of COPD

Living with any kind of chronic health condition can take its toll. Whether you are newly diagnosed with COPD or you were diagnosed many years ago, it can feel stressful dealing with symptoms, treatment, and prognosis of such a condition. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to make your experience with COPD easier.

Here are 4 ways to manage the stress of living with a condition like COPD: 

1. Get the right supplemental oxygen.

There are a few options for COPD treatment, and supplemental oxygen is an essential one for most patients. However, not all oxygen therapy is created equally! It’s important to find a doctor you trust who can prescribe the proper dose of oxygen for your needs. It’s also important to get a portable oxygen concentrator that fits with your lifestyle and is easy to use.

2. Gather your social support.

Life is better when you have a good support network, and that’s even more powerful for those with health conditions. Resist the urge to isolate yourself, and instead take steps to connect with loved ones on a daily basis. Consider joining a COPD support group. Perhaps find a spiritual community or take a fun class to build positive relationships.

3. Practice mindfulness.

Everyone has stress in their life, but there are mindfulness-based tools we can all use to boost our resilience. These tools can benefit you in every area of life, and are easy to learn for free online. Try out some basic meditation, breathing exercises, Tai chi or Qigong, or compassion exercises.

4. Prioritize sleep and rest.

Our modern world is often fast-paced and highly stimulating, and many people don’t get enough quality sleep or rest time. Make sleep a priority, in a cool, dark room, free from screens and noise. Also take more time for restful activities like gentle movement, walks outside, puzzles, or snuggling a pet.

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