4 Tips for Dealing With Dust Sensitivities

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Sensitivities to things like dust, dander, pollen, and other environmental triggers are quite common, but while many people can deal with the minor symptoms associated with these triggers, those with COPD could end up with more serious consequences.

Dust is everywhere, but it tends to accumulate in areas of high human traffic. Dust includes small particles as well as dust mites, which feed on those particles. You may be sensitive to one or both of these things. You may notice sneezing, itching, watering eyes, or difficulty breathing in dusty areas. Some people even have to use an inhaler in addition to their supplemental oxygen.

If you’ve noticed that you have sensitivities to dust or dirt in your environment, here are some tips to help you cope!

1. Stay tidy

Of course, the best way to prevent dust reactions is to remove the dust in the first place. It does take more time and effort, but try to set a weekly date to dust your home or workspace. Use nontoxic dusting cleaners and damp rags to trap the dust and not just spread it around. Wear a mask while you clean.

2. Invest in air filtration

Most COPD patients already have HEPA filters in their homes, but if you don’t yet, now’s the time to get one. These filters can remove a lot of the small particles that may be floating around and causing problems for you.

3. Launder linens regularly

Dust and dust mites are often invisible and love to accumulate on fabrics. Wash your bedding and other linens in hot water often. Don’t forget things like drapes and upholstery. Carpets should be vacuumed regularly, too!

4. Have oxygen on hand

Your supplemental oxygen concentrator is designed to give you clean, breathable air and reduce the symptoms of COPD. Don’t skip out on your doctor-recommended oxygen—this will help your body better handle environmental triggers.

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